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Setting Up Email Account From Your Cpanel

After you have your account ready, its time to get some things done. First you will need to create your email acconts. To do that you will need to navjgate to yourdomain.com/cpanel, Log in to cPanel.

In the “EMAIL” segment of cPanel, click the “Email Accounts” icon/link.

cPanel email account setup step 1

Click the + Create button located on the right-hand side.

Email Accounts - Create button

On the next page, enter the required details to create a new email account.

  • Domain: Select the domain where you wish to create the new email account.
  • Username: Enter your email’s username.
  • Password: Enter your email’s password.
  1. Click + Create to finalize.

The same steps work for creating email accounts for your primary domain, addon domains, and subdomains. You cannot create email accounts with a script or via SSH.